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How to come to La Cabane Verte, the Bois-Plage sailing school.

Tto get to us you have to go towards the Bois Plage:

if you come from the mainland at the first roundabout & nbsp; just before the entrance to the Bois Plage take the direction of "Gros Jonc" beach (first aid station, sailing school)

if you come from the Bois Plage go to the exit of the village continue until the big roundabout of Gros Jonc towards the beach


otherwise turn on your gps and if you can't find it then we can't do anything for you!

Located on the famous Gros Jonc beach in the village of Bois-Plage en Ré, our cabin is on your right in the first place.

Very pleasant thanks to its large surface, it offers the possibility of swimming at low tide without being in the pebbles, the facilities for sailing are well indicated and services restaurants are nearby. the beach is supervised in july and august

A secure cycle track reaches the access to the & nbsp; beach and a large bicycle parking lot is at your disposal.

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