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Le Bois Plage watersport and sailing school. Who are we ?

We arrived on the island of Ré 30 years ago.

We shared our two passions that are the sea and the mountain for 10 years dividing our time in two.

This allowed us to get to know the development of board sports up close and the parallel between snowboarding and surfing or windsurfing is obvious.

When we had our store in the Alps, we were always keen to make display cases reminiscent of the Ile de Ré, which was intended to surprise and remind us of what we were leaving in winter.

Then at the birth of our daughter we finally anchored on the island to settle there year-round.
We have therefore devoted ourselves to the development of our sailing school over the years.

In 2006, we were the first to believe in paddle by offering it for rental and then as an initiation. We have also invested in two giant paddleboards by offering entertainment.

Our two children (student) work with us during the summer season.
As a family, we practice all water sports: windsurfing, surfing, catamaran, paddle, supfoil, supercoil, wingfoil, etc.

We got to know every corner of the island, in particular the best exposed spots depending on the swell and the wind.

As you can see, the green hut is part of our life far beyond a job, it is in our DNA.