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Kurse und Privatunterricht von Katamaranen in der Segelschule Bois-Plage.

Child courses

Child catamaran course: Newcat 12: this small catamaran turns out to be the best boat to discover sailing from 7 years old . In fact, it is stable, fast, secure and by adapting the sail area to the conditions, it does not overturn very easily. This is why we chose it like most ffv sailing schools.
Category 7 to 10 years: learning the basics of sailing: direction , propulsion, balance. seamanship.

The children evolve under the supervision of an instructor on his motor boat indicating their direction using a course marked by buoys.
Small friendly meal at the end of the course followed by a final snack.

Catamaran course for teens and adults

We use the twin cat 15 which is accessible to juniors as well as adults. of light and robust design, it reacts quickly and allows a sporting navigation. Because of its light weight it takes off at the slightest breath.
The instructor frames in 2 ways either on support or on motor boat according to conditions and group
Two different schedules (level group): beginner or advanced.

Private catamaran lessons

The instructor is on board with you on the boat you can be up to 3 beyond the instructor will take 2 boats and will embarked on one of the boats.
The course is generally an hour or more if special request.